Technical overview


  • No flame

  • Easy to insert

  • No tool

  • Safety

    Non-welding , fundamentally eliminates the risk of fire.
  • Economic feasibility

    Lower installation cost, Economy of time, Saving cost
  • Construct ability

    Construction can be completed only by one-touch inserting.
    Quick connection, No tool , No noise
  • Higher Sealing

    two O-rings are designed to be arranged in distributed position
  • Earthquake-resistant design

    absorb vibration caused by external impact
  • Maintenance

    Re-installing and moving air conditioner, the interior is not damaged
  • Eco-friendly product


썸네일 이미지


  • 썸네일 이미지

    New Flexible Stainless tube + Hook Joint

  • 썸네일 이미지

    Copper tube + Hook Joint

Tube Combinations

New High-elongation stainless steel tube

  • New High-elongation stainless steel tube, PossFD
    Developed by POSCO, Daechun company and Evertech Corporation Ltd.

  • Features

    High-elongation & flexibility
    Hardness of PossFD is 58% compared to STS304
    Bend with hands like copper tube
    Compared to copper tube;
     Better strength
     Competitive price
     Price stability (relatively more stable than copper)
    Available for both stainless tube and copper tube