[Company specialized in Non-welding tube connection technology for refrigerant tube] EVERTECH CORPORATION

EVERTECH Corporation that is one of the leading companies of pipe joint for stainless steel water pipe , launched a ‘Hook Joint for air conditioner tube’ with the know-how and technology accumulated over a long period of time in the pipe joint market for water supply and presented a new paradigm for refrigerant tubing construction for air conditioner. 

The one-touch connection technology was also applied to the piping for air conditioners. Hook Joint of EVERTECH can be used not only for high-elongation stainless steel tube that was developed by POSCO but also for copper pipe. The technology of one-touch insert type, no welding, and no need of tool was also applied to the air conditioner tubes. 

‘Hook Joint’ for air conditioner tube is an eco-friendly product with excellent safety, sealing, and economic feasibility and can be simply constructed by hand without special tools and it is an eco-friendly tube joints that fundamentally eliminates the risk of fire. 

Evertech Corporation has been recognized for innovative performance and excellence at home and abroad, as such acquiring Underwriters Laboratories Inc.(UL) certification, New Excellent Technology(NET) from MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), LH New Technology Certification from Korea Land & Housing Corporation, the certification for innovative technology in 14 public institution consultative body SOC technology market, etc.

EVERTECH released seven types of hook joints Socket Elbow Flare socket Flare elbow Union socket Union elbow Reducer, which meets 4 standards of 6.35-15.88mm tube. (Total of 27 types)

Flare socket is a joint that removes flare work which was required to connect indoor units and outdoor units, and the safety and convenience of construction are upgraded to the next level.

An official from EVERTECH said, "Hook joint received NET from MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) along with POSCO and Daechun company and was recognized for its technology and innovation by receiving LH new technology Certification" and "Accordingly, the approval process is rapidly progressing by the air conditioner maker which has the right to approve its own supply materials." 

The official emphasized, "In particular, we are confident that Hook joint for refrigerant will become the best tube joint not only in Korea but also in the global market as safety, higher sealing, construct ability, and economic feasibility have been proven at various construction sites.“

EVERTECH expects 2022 to mark the beginning of soaring. This is because it is expected that the response in the field will be enthusiastic as new products with excellent safety, sealing, construct ability, and economic feasibility enter the market.

An official from EVERTECH emphasized, "The use of high-elongation stainless steel tube as a replacement for copper tube will continue to increase, and above all, Hook joint for refrigerants, which can be used not only for stainless pipes but also for existing copper pipes, will gradually expand the market." 

"Company specialized in Non-welding  piping connection technology for refrigerant pipe  EVERTECH CORPORATION" , Coldchainnews, 2021.11.30