POSCO,& two partner companies , develop new technology. Acquired certificates.


사진설명POSCO is trying to co-exist through joint development of new products with small and medium-sized enterprises (POSCO’s customer). President Woo Ji-hyun of EVERTECH, Choi Kyu-seo, head of POSCO's stainless steel marketing department, and Lee Dong-jin, vice president of Daechun (from left), are celebrating NET(New Excellent Technology) certification.

POSCO has jointly developed with POSCO’s customer a new technology that replaces copper tube used as refrigerant tubes/pipes for air conditioners by using high-elongation stainless steel (PossFD) developed with premium steel types.


POSCO's Stainless Steel Marketing Office and POSCO’s Steel Solution Research Lab. have been jointly developed with EVERTECH Corporation and Daechun for a year since March last year, and acquired NET certification from MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) earlier this year. 

This is best practice case of corporate citizenship Activities as POSCO developed new technologies with customers in the supply chain. 

Korea government new technology certification system is a system to promote the commercialization of new technologies and technology transactions by finding new technologies early and certifying their excellence.

The certification acquired this time is "high-elongation stainless steel tube forming technology for refrigerants," which combines POSCO's high-quality steel, Daechun’s pipe forming and heat treatment, and EVERTECH Corporation's non-welded Hookjoint. It is a technology that can replace existing copper tube by using high flexibility stainless steel tube for air conditioner tube with excellent corrosion resistance. 

High-elongation stainless steel tube which is named PossFD has similar flexibility to the copper tube, but is more than twice as strong, so it has good pressure-resistance and durability. In addition, Daechun's forming pipe and heat treatment technology improves precision and ensures formability, making it easy to work on the construction site, and by applying EVERTECH Corporation's “HOOK JOINT” non-welded technology, can eliminates the risk of fire that occur during pipe welding. Through this, the construction time can be shortened and the sealing ability to prevent leakage of refrigerant gas is improved.


[Han Woo-ram, Maeil Economy &, 2021.2.23.]